720 W, 21 kg, 32 km/h, 64 km, folding design, inexpensive. Lectric XP Lite electric bike introduced

Lectric has unveiled its newest folding electric bike called the Lectric XP Lite, which is priced at $799.

It weighs about 21 kilograms and has a motor with a maximum power of 720 watts that provides a top speed of 32 kilometers per hour. Lectric claims the XP Lite is one of the most compact electric bikes on the market. When folded, the bike is easy to take to public transportation or carry in the trunk of the car, where it won’t take up much space.

The bike can hold up to 125 kg, which is six times its own weight. The Lectric XP Lite has a replaceable battery (48 V, 7.8 Ah) that provides a range of up to 64 km. Lectric XP Lite provides five levels of pedal assist. The bike is IP65 rated for high water resistance. The bike has a concealed battery compartment, as well as a backlit LCD display for displaying various statistics and measurements while riding.

The bike has a headlight and taillights for use at night. It is available in four colors: Arctic White, Lectric Blue, Midnight Black and Sandstorm.

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