7000 mAh, Super AMOLED and Snapdragon. Samsung updated the Galaxy M51 to Android 12

Samsung has updated one of its atypical smartphones to Android 12. We’re talking about the Galaxy M51, which came out in 2020, wowing everyone with its gigantic 7000 mAh battery.

For some reason, Samsung considered the experiment unsuccessful, so that the subsequent models of the line received noticeably less battery capacity, so that fans of the Galaxy M51 have no intelligible options for replacement. And so for them the update to Android 12 is especially important.

The new system, as usual, comes with the new One UI 4.0 shell. Interestingly, users from Russia were the first to receive the update.

The Galaxy M51 originally came out with Android 10. In the list of Samsung smartphones that will definitely get Android 13, it is unfortunately not on the list. And while that doesn’t mean that it definitely won’t get another major update, you still shouldn’t count on it beforehand.

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