495 hp, a mileage of 150 km on pure electricity, gasoline consumption up to 6.85 liters per 100 km. The characteristics of Huawei’s second car, a five-meter hybrid crossover Aito M7, have been disclosed

The first live photos of Huawei’s second car, the large Aito M7 crossover, appeared about a month ago, and now the Chinese regulator has published key specs of the car. As it turns out, its powertrain still uses a 1.5-liter gasoline engine, although the Aito M7 is much larger than the current Aito M5.

The Aito M7 has dimensions of 5020 x 1945 x 1775 mm and a wheelbase length of 2820 mm. Curb weight is 2340 kg, and the weight of a traction battery is 258 kg. For such a large and heavy vehicle consumption is very small – 6.85 liters per 100 kilometers. And this is with a discharged traction battery, so in hybrid mode the fuel consumption will be significantly lower. In pure electric mode, Aito M7 can travel 150 km – as much as Aito M5. As for the capacity of the traction battery, it was 40.06 kWh.

Aito M7 – right

The power plant includes two electric motors in addition to the internal combustion engine: the power of the one installed on the front axle is 98 hp, the one on the rear axle is 272 hp. In total, the power of the power plant (including the internal combustion engine) is 495 hp.

There is no exact data about when Aito M7 will be on sale, but it is expected that the car will appear in Chinese showrooms by the end of this year.

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