2GIS has shrunk many times over. For Moscow users – by 3.5 times

Now you can use the 2GIS map, guidebook and navigator immediately after installing the mobile application, without downloading the city databases to your smartphone. If you want, you can download them later and use them without the Internet.

The need to download both the application and the large city databases has stopped up to 500,000 new users per month from becoming acquainted with 2GIS. This is a significant portion even of the service’s total monthly audience of 55 million users. Now, to use 2GIS in a city, all that is needed is an application and a mobile Internet connection. The availability of the downloaded city map on the phone is useful so that the application does not fail at the unexpected moment – for example, when there is no network connection in the underground parking lot or in the subway. Therefore, if you are not sure of good cellular coverage of your routes – the city map can be downloaded to your phone in advance, as before.

Marina Konevskikh, 2GIS mobile applications product manager

The 2GIS mobile application without downloaded city databases occupies about 200 MB on iOS smartphones. Residents of large cities will especially feel the difference. Previously, it was necessary to download the Moscow database (over 710 MB together with the application), but now you only need to download the application, which is 3.5 times less data.

City databases in 2GIS:

  • Moscow – 539 MB
  • St. Petersburg – 204 MB
  • Novosibirsk – 146 MB
  • Ekaterinburg – 84 MB
  • Nizhny Novgorod – 79 MB
  • Kazan – 67 MB
  • Chelyabinsk – 66 MB
  • Ufa – 70 MB
  • Novosibirsk – 146 MB
  • Krasnoyarsk – 72 MB
  • Sochi – 54 MB
  • Vladivostok – 42 MB

The new version of mobile 2GIS will allow users not only to save space on their device, but also to get information faster about changes in the work of organizations, the opening of new cafes and stores in the cities. The updated application is already available for installation.

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