130 km, 77 km/h, 131 kg, Shimano transmission and two batteries. Fucare Gemini X electric bike introduced

Chinese electric bike manufacturer Fucare introduced the new Gemini X model, which is good for the city and suburbs without paved roads.

The Gemini X has an unusual frame and offers great performance. The bike offers two batteries for increased range. The Fucare Gemini X electric bike can carry a rider with a weight of up to 181 kg, which is very rare for modern e-bikes. The frame construction consists of tubes that span the 48-volt battery at the front.

The second battery is located directly under the seat, both batteries have a total capacity of 20.8 Ah and offer a range of almost 90 km. Using the pedals, the range can be increased up to 130 km. Thanks to the 750-watt motor, Gemini X can reach a top speed of up to 77 km/h using the pedals. Without the use of pedals, the maximum speed is about 45 km/h.

Other features of the bike include a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain, front suspension with spring fork, 5.3-inch color display and USB port for charging devices. Two wheels have maintenance-free hydraulic disc brakes. The tires are 20 inches in diameter and provide improved maneuverability.

The base model Gemini X costs $1,900.

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